Are you looking for help and support?

The way we live today can leave our deeper conflicts and problems repressed or ignored, and they may surface in emotional difficulties such as depression, anxiety or addictions, causing harm in our relationship with ourselves and others. However loving and supportive our families and close friends might be, often speaking with them is not enough.
Counselling offers an impartial, confidential space in which these difficulties can be explored safely and at your own pace. Making the changes we want to make in life often involves overcoming our inner conflicts. Counselling can gently bring into awareness what stops you from moving forward and offers professional support to change.
Based in Hertford, I am an empathic professionally qualified counsellor who will encourage you to talk about your feelings, emotions and thought processes to help you find your own solutions.
I have 20 years of experience supporting adults, couples and families. My main fields of work and interest are:

Family and Couple Relationships
⦁ Addiction Recovery
⦁ Eating Dis-orders
⦁ Complex losses and bereavement
⦁ Childhood trauma and abuse
⦁ Treating depression and anxiety

I also have a passion for the healing benefits of nature and the outdoors and offer individual and group Equine Facilitated Therapy local to Hertford.