Equine Facilitated Therapy

‘There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man’

Winston Churchill


What is it?

Where horses help people with their wellbeing and mental health. No riding is involved. Offered by a qualified and experienced therapist and counsellor, local to Hertford.

How will it help you?

You will get to know yourself at a deeper level, reconnect with who you are, have improved relationships and find new direction in life through the interaction with these fabulous creatures.
You will be facilitated to transfer the insights have you gained with equine facilitated therapy into your other relationships and life. You will benefit from the sense of well- being that comes from being out in nature and among these incredible animals. You will have some fun and in a fast-paced world be invited to give yourself permission to slow down and reconnect with who you really are among the horses.

Why Horses?

Horses are uniquely placed as deeply social and non-predatory beings to help humans. You enter the horses physical and emotional space, and they will tune into your underlying feelings and mirror them. This is because in the wild as herd animals, they are highly sensitised to any danger and their safety lies in staying together as a group. Under threat, they can take flight as one, and survive.
When your emotions are mirrored by the horses, you can trust the horses honest feedback as it is without ego agendas, unlike the human. Horses pick up what is in your unconscious and gently bring it to your attention.
Who is it for?
⦁ Those who are curious to learn more about who you are
⦁ Those at a crossroads in life
⦁ Those who are grieving losses/bereavement
⦁ Those who feel stuck in life and have lost direction
⦁ Those who find intimacy and relationships difficult
⦁ Those whose self-worth and confidence are low
⦁ Those who are in recovery from addictions or mental health
⦁ Those who have a family member with addictions or they are recovering
⦁ If you need help with boundaries and direction
Sessions can be arranged daytimes or early evenings for individuals and small groups of up to six.

“I had a wonderful experience, it helped me to get a better understanding of how I feel inside and what this can mean in the way I can live my life” – Tracey

“The most useful thing was to get to know myself, things I hadn’t noticed or seen. I think it has built me self-confidence” – David

“It made me look at and start working on feelings that I had locked away” – Joseph

“Equine Facilitated therapy is translatable, not just about what happened with the horses. It’s been very useful and helped me to know more about me and will help with my recovery” – Carol