Psychosynthesis Therapy

“Sometime in your life you will go on a journey. It will be the longest journey you have ever taken. It is the journey to find yourself.”
Katherine Sharpl

Psychosynthesis is an integrative approach to growth and healing as it helps us to discover our true spiritual nature and then to utilise this discovery in our everyday lives.

Modern psychology began with the discovery that human beings are conditioned by their childhood. Our unconscious contains our past experiences which produce very real effects on present feelings, thoughts and behaviours.
Assagioli began to see that just as the psychological past exists in the present, so too does our future, our vast human potential for healing and change.
Psychosynthesis therefore includes plumbing the depths of childhood trauma to heal, while simultaneously discovering and expressing the profoundly rich inner resources of the unfolding Self.
It is not a model of pathology and treatment but a creative pathway to understanding deeper questions of meaning and provides a guide to the discovery of our own unique gifts and talents. This includes all of who we really are.

Working with Psychosynthesis

I like to work in a collaborative way and to be guided by you. I am trained in Psychosynthesis, which is a psychological approach that includes looking at those parts of us that are sometimes in conflict and can hold us back. In our regular weekly sessions, we will start to uncover these often-hidden aspects, gradually integrating them and helping you to move in the direction you have perhaps always desired. I believe that as we work at a respectful pace that feels comfortable for you, you will feel accepted and witnessed as the authentic being you are, ultimately living the life you were always meant to live.
I acknowledge that most human beings recognise the sense of an inner wisdom. Some people call this a ‘gut feeling’, ‘our conscience’, ‘an intuition’ or maybe ‘self-awareness’. Often deep within, we know and are aware of where we want to be and who we really are, even when facing the hardest challenges in life.
I understand that somehow, we may feel that we have got lost or strayed from these deepest values, from what lends our unique and unrepeatable life a deeper meaning and purpose. Sometimes our lives can be full of busyness, overwhelming feelings distractions, or addictions. Psychosynthesis Counselling and therapy usefully places the idea of our ‘will’ being at the centre of all our choices and decisions. Not the Victorian idea of ‘strong’ or ‘hard’ will, but the true will and direction of our life force guided by universal truths. This means that Psychosynthesis also explores our spiritual longings as well as human personalities. The energy of our will can get trapped in conflicts, addictions and repetitive behaviours, complex feelings and thoughts. We can feel stuck and overwhelmed sometimes by the guilt and shame that can come with not living out our full potential.
When you begin Psychosynthesis Counselling, you are provided with a respectful space in which to reconnect to your inner wisdom and your will, to live true to your values.