The value of feelings

There is so much value in sitting with our feelings. Of all kinds. We seem to be deeply social creatures, us human beings. So that sharing our valuable feelings with ourselves first and then another, validates and affirms us. Feelings are information. They are not always reliable, yet acknowledging them first and listening to where they come from in us, and what the message in them is, can often help. Then we can let go of them and move on. This is to avoid the possibility of becoming stuck inside a feeling and allowing it to take over.

I am so grateful for those who have given me the time, listened, and allowed me not to run away emotionally. A good friend with long term depression, spoke to me recently about the value of the talking therapies she has received and simply said, ‘Chuck it at someone else! It really helps’.

Sometimes friends and family, as emotionally involved and however close or well-meaning, are not the best people to ‘chuck it’, at. This is part of the value of having an impartial, confidential and caring professional counsellor, who won’t tell you what to do yet facilitates these valuable emotional processes and thinking. A greater perspective can be gained, than by just ignoring or pushing them away in some manner!