Workshops / Training

“New seed is faithful. It roots deepest in the places that are most empty”
C.P. Estes, Jungian Psychoanalyst


I have developed and facilitated courses for a number of organisations, HAPAS, The Living Room Hertfordshire, Samaritans, Children and Family Centres and in Secondary Education.

I offer professionally facilitated themed workshops for small self-development groups, CPD for counsellors or organisations. These are mainly psycho educational which means a combination of education and experiential learning

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Topics covered are:

Psychosynthesis – for self development.

A one day workshop introducing the maps and models of Psychosynthesis. The aim is to offer a safe and confidential group experience where attendees will have the opportunity to explore and apply the tools of Psychosynthesis for self development. At the end of the day attendees will have gained greater self-awareness and feel confident about using and applying some Psychosynthesis methods for further self exploration and in their work with others.

Alcohol and Addiction within the Family

A one day workshop which aims to explore the role of alcohol within families and couples. It will help attendees to gain insights into their preferred coping mechanisms within the family or couple system and also to develop assertiveness, personal boundaries and communication.

Alcohol Awareness

This half day workshop provides information about Alcohol, exploring our particular relationship with it and it’s role in life along with healthy options and strategies for the future.